Программирование в IIS


Пример 5.9


Name: FindAndReplace

In: psContainer - pointer to a string that will be searched

and edited if a value is discovered.

psTarget - pointer to a string that is being sought for


psReplacement - pointer to a string that will replace the

the string pointed to in psTarget.

Out: nothing - but psContainer will be changed


searches string psContainer pointer for the string that

psTarget points to and replaces it with the string that

psReplacement points to.


void FindAndReplace(string *psContainer,

string *psTarget,

string *psReplacement)


string::size_type idx;

idx = psContainer->find(*psTarget);

while (idx != string::npos)//an instance was found


//are we at the end of the string

if (psContainer->size() == idx)


*psContainer += *psReplacement;






(idx, psTarget->size() , *psReplacement);

//advance beyond the current character

idx += psReplacement->size();


//look for next occurance

idx = psContainer->find(*psTarget, idx);



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